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Post Info TOPIC: Crazy split rolls and a barn-burner at Shibe
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Date: February 5th
Crazy split rolls and a barn-burner at Shibe

The Cubs are at Shibe, for four against the rampaging Phillies.

We've come to the series finale, and the mound matchup is southpaw slinger Johnny Schmitz (Chicago) versus Phillie ace Robin Roberts.

This has been a series with a bunch of low-chance die rolls coming up.  In the third game, Richie Ashburn hit the jackpot on a split T-1, S-2-20.  In the fourth game, Stan Lopata pulled out a hit on a split S-1, lo(2b) 2-20.

Things were really crazy in that fourth game.  If you ever want to believe the dice gods are simply out to get you, try the fact that the Cubs missed on three different hit chances of 1-16 or better (including a 1-18, in which I rolled a "19").

I also rolled a "19" on a D-1-18, S-19-20 for pinch hitter Ron Northey, who was hitting with one out in the eighth inning.

With all those unlucky die rolls, however, the Cubs pulled to within a run when Northey made third on a single by Bob Ramazzotti, then scored on a third straight hit, by Bob Borkowski.

All three hits came off Roberts, who was starting to struggle.  He had also surrendered a home run to Hank Edwards in the seventh.

Borkowski's knock made it a 3-2 game.  Here's where the strategizing gets fun.

With two outs in the bottom of the eighth, the Phils have runners on first and second, with Roberts (a "1") due to hit.  I have Bill Nicholson (and Andy Seminick) on my bench.

The Cubs have righty Johnny Klippenstein, who has a weakness for lefty hitters, on the mound.  Do I take a shot to open up the game a bit?  The Cubs have Hank Sauer, Phil Cavarretta and Bill Serena lined up, and Andy Pafko (R) and Preston Ward (L) is lurking in the dugout (they had the day off).

There's a lot of longball potential there, in a one-run game.  Jim Konstanty is warming in the Phillies' pen.

I roll the dice and send Nicholson to hit for Roberts.  Swish is nearing the end, and is having problems with his back, but there's still the chance he can pop one and get Konstanty some breathing room.

Alas, he takes a called third strike to end the inning.  Konstanty comes on to try to wrap it up for Roberts.

Hank Sauer leads off the ninth and lines out to third.  Cavarretta singles on an "X" chance to second baseman Jimmy Bloodworth.  Serena skies to left field.

When I sent the guys out to finish the ninth, I had sent Bloodworth in as a defensive replacement for Mike Goliat.  They are both "3's," but Bloodworth makes fewer errors (e15 versus e41).

I also sent Dick Whitman in, to replace Dick Sisler.  Sisler is a "3," while Whitman is a "2."  Right fielder Del Ennis is also a "3," and also has the higher e-rating.  But the Phils are at the top of the order in the bottom of the ninth if this thing blows up, and Ennis might be needed (batting cleanup).

Sisler is hitting sixth.

Of course, I roll a fly (rf)X with Roy Smalley (righty swinger) at the dish.  It just had to be right field, right? hmm

Two-base error, on a ball that Whitman would have caught to end the game. doh

That brings me to a pinch hitter for catcher Rube Walker.  I have Pafko and Ward as my top two choices.  I know that -- if I chose Pafko -- he gets walked, forcing the Cubs to use Ward, who is a lefty anyway, and has nice numbers against righties.

It's a simple matter of making the decision that I will not allow the Cubs' top slugger to beat me, especially with first base open.  Knowing that Pafko will not be allowed to swing the bat, I choose Ward.

Ward lines out to Bloodworth to end the game.

Funny thing: the same die roll for Pafko turns out to be the walk I would have given him anyway.  No matter how I play it, it comes down to Ward having to swing the bat.


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Date: February 5th

Crazy dice rolls add so much to the fun of Strat


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Date: February 5th

I wonder just how much the dice split rolls.........over the course of a season.........even out?

There have been long stretches in my replays where a guy just does NOT get the results in his favor...........








1921, 1929


1943, 1946




1991, 1996

37,117 regular season games through 34 replays!



Third Base Coach

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Date: February 5th

Those are the things that make the game so much fun to play. I love the splits ... except those games/series like the Cubbies had where every roll seemingly goes against you.


Baseball ... this field, this game ... It is part of our past.  It reminds us all of what once was good -- and could be again.

Bullpen Coach

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Date: February 6th

Same thing. I love the weird splits you sometimes get - they seem to come in bunches but that is probably just a biased perception. The only time it bugs me is when a player seems snakebit. I had a 1954 Mickey Mantle season where it seemed he never got the splits. But I have had the opposite where Yogi Berra has gotten every homerun split for entire season (or so it seemed). I really like the spread from reality that you sometimes get - It just makes things more interesting.

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