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Post Info TOPIC: Best Single Season Team From Each Franchise from Available Years
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Date: May 24th
Best Single Season Team From Each Franchise from Available Years

I've tracked down what I believe to be each teams single best season(of the available C+D ones). I'm going to do a full replay based on the 2017 schedule. I haven't played Strat since probably 1990. Something brought it to memory, and i looked it up and it piqued my interest. This was always something I wanted to do. Now it is possible, so I shall do it.

A few caveats:

Basic gameplay

No Injuries

No Subs, except in the case of poor performing players, I will sub out.

Pitchers pretty well follow the rotations they had in that year. Generally its 4 pitchers, sometimes 5. In the case where there were 6 with significant starts I trade off weeks.

I'm not concerned with the "realistic" aspect, this is for me "what would happen in an ideal world" scenario.

I'm switching Houston and Milwaukee's current leagues since at the time they were opposite of now.

If you have any questions just ask. I am keeping track of all stats/leaders. I will probably post after the first 24 games of the NL. and then at 40, and every 10 games after that. I doubt I will post the results of every game, but I may post just the basic score, to save time. I will then post any game of interest. I am currently working through the first 24 games for each NL team, but I don't have the a couple teams yet, so it'll be a little disjointed, until it evens out. If anyone has the 1986 Mets.....please let me know.

These are the teams:

NL East

Montreal Expos(1994)

Philadelphia Phillies(2011)

Florida Marlins(2003)

Atlanta Braves(1998)

New York Mets(1986)

NL Central

Chicago Cubs(1906)

Pittsburgh Pirates(1909)

Houston Astros(1998)

Cincinnati Reds(1976)

St Louis Cardinals(2004)

NL West

NY Giants(1905)

Arizona Diamondbacks(2002)

Brooklyn Dodgers(1953)

Colorado Rockies(2007)

San Diego Padres(1998)

AL East

Toronto Blue Jays(2015)

Baltimore Orioles(1970)

NY Yankees(1927)

Tampa Bay Rays(2012)

Boston Red Sox(2004)

AL Central

KC Royals(1977)

Cleveland Indians(1953)

Chicago White Sox(1954)

Detroit Tigers(1984)

Minnesota Twins(1965)

AL West

Philadelphia Athletics(1911)

Texas Rangers(2011)

LA Angels(2002)

Seattle Mariners(2001)

Milwaukee Brewers(1982)



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Date: May 24th

This should be interesting


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Date: May 24th

The '31 Philadelphia A's must have just missed the cut. That was a power house lineup.


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Date: May 24th

banny wrote:

The '31 Philadelphia A's must have just missed the cut. That was a power house lineup.

 The '11 A's ain't too shabby biggrin


"The players are the same age always, but the man in the crowd is older every season."


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Date: May 24th

Quite an exciting project. Thanks for sharing with us. It will be interesting to see how the 2011 Phils do. Given your rules, Howard and Utley will be available for the entire season, Even with them in the lineup on a regular basis, their ability to score a run is limited. But if they score a run, they will be a dangerous team.


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Date: May 24th

They aren't starting so well.....but we will see how it progresses. This is through 24 games(Phillies are one of the teams I've finished the first 24).


                               AB     R    H      RBI  D     T      HR   GS   BB   SO  SB    CS   E      AVG     OBP    SLG   OPS

Howard(1B)            84     16   23     19    3      1       8       1    12    24    0       0     4      .274     .619    .365    .984

Utley(2B)     92  5 22  10 5    2   1   0   5 10  3    2   2 .239 .370 .278.648


Victorino has come out swinging though.

Victorino(CF)          97    17   32     7     8      5        0     0         6      8    13     1     1      .330     .515    .369    .884

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Date: May 26th

Interesting idea... made all the better by being cards and dice! Look forward to following along.

Will you go with the modern format of two wild card teams in each league. With so many powerful teams, the wildcard races could be quite intriguing.


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Date: May 27th

I'm going to play the first half of each league, maybe do an All Star game, will try to follow what a normal current post season would look like. So far I'm having blast doing it. I haven't played since 1990, nor even followed baseball much if at all.i look forward to playing my favorite players(sadly no Nolan Ryan on these teams), but Randy Johnson, Ichiro, Maddux, Honus Wagner(so far a disappointment). Just had 1998 Astros Randy Johnson throw a 1 hitter.

If you have any suggestions don't hesitate as I go along.


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Date: May 30th

As a Mets fan, I have found that the 86 team always under performs for me in strat.  The 85 team, with Goodens great year seems to translate better to the cards.


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Date: 12 days ago

These are the standings through the 1st 24 games of the season. Bear with me, I will be uploading/typing Team stats with individual player stats. I will also upload game scores(this'll take some time).

National League East         W  -  L   PCT  GB HOME ROAD
Atlanta Braves(1998)        16  - 8   .666  -    8 - 3  8 - 5
Montreal Expos(1994)       13  - 11 .542  3   6 - 2   7 - 9
Florida Marlins(2003)        11  - 13 .458  4   5 - 5   6 - 8
Philadelphia Phillies(2011) 10  - 14 .417  6   7 - 7   3 - 7
New York Mets (1986)  I DO NOT HAVE THIS TEAM YET, IF YOU HAVE IT PLEASE LET ME KNOW(I'm having no luck)

National League Central    W  -  L   PCT   GB  HOME   ROAD
Chicago Cubs(1906)         14 - 10  .583   -    10 - 4   4 - 6
St. Louis Cardinals(2004)  14 - 10  .583   -    9 - 5    5 - 5
Pittsburgh Pirates(1909)   13 - 11   .542  1    6 - 6    7 - 5
Cincinnati Reds(1976)      13 - 11   .542  1    9 - 6    4 - 5
Houston Astros(1998)        8 - 16   .333  6    6 - 8    2 - 8

National League West       W - L    PCT    GB HOME   ROAD
New York Giants(1905)    12 - 12  .500    -   4 - 7    8 - 5
Arizona D’backs(2002)     12 - 12  .500    -   7 - 7    5 - 5
San Diego Padres(1998)  12 - 12   .500   -   4 - 8    8 - 4
Brooklyn Dodgers(1953)  10 - 14   .417   2  3 - 7    7 - 7
Colorado Rockies(2007)     8 - 16   .333   4  2 - 7    6 - 9


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Date: 12 days ago

9.ROSE(CIN)1069.VERAS(SD)189.MATSUI(COL)349. 4 TIED19  
10.WOMACK(STL)10610. 5 TIED1710.MCCRACKEN(AZ)3310.   
  9. 4 TIED69.PEREZ(CIN)19.3 TIED159. 5 TIED24
7.WAGNER(PIT)217. 5 TIED57.C. JONES(ATL)5    
8.CLARKE(PIT)21  8.BERRY(HOU)5    
10. 3 TIED19  10.GOMEZ(SD)5    

I'm sorry I miscalculated the number of rows in my table, so it cut off the last few. I'll fix that the next time I upload info. rather than typing everything into a table I will simply upload screenshots of the team/individual info.


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Date: 12 days ago

    9.2 TIED519.4 TIED219.REDMAN(FLO)39
8.4 TIED248.MADDUX(ATL)2.188.ISRING.(STL)1.05    


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Date: 11 days ago

These are screenshots of the individual teams(and players) stats through 24 games. I would've entered them into tables but that is a whole lot of work to do.


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Date: 11 days ago

I am playing these a bit out of order. Initially when I start i only had a few teams but I had typed up everyones schedules and pitching rotations. So when I eventually post hitting/winning streaks and stuff like that it won't be a "true" streak. I think thats too much to truly keep track of, maybe if I was better organized.

Arizona Diamondbacks(2001)
1.Won 1-0(SF)
2.Won 2-1(SF)
3.Lost 9-3(SF)
4.Won 3-1(SF)
5.Lost 4-0(Cleveland)
6.Won 6-1(Cleveland)
7.Won 4-3(Cleveland)
8.Lost 1-0(@SF/NY Giants)
9.Won 6-3(@SF/NY Giants)
10.Lost 6-2(@SF/NY Giants)
11.Won 10-8(@LA Dodgers)
12.Won 5-4(@LA Dodgers)
13.Lost 9-3(@LA Dodgers)
14.Won 8-1(@LA Dodgers)
18.Won 6-4(LA Dodgers)
19.Won 9-8(LA Dodgers)
20.Lost 5-2(LA Dodgers)
36.Lost 5-3(Pittsburgh)
37.Lost 2-0(Pittsburgh)
38.Lost 5-3(Pittsburgh)
39.Lost 5-2(Pittsburgh)
53.Won 8-3(@Pittsburgh)
54.Lost 8-2(@Pittsburgh)
55.Lost 3-2(@Pittsburgh)
Atlanta Braves(1998)
7.Won 4-1(@Florida)
8.Lost 6-1(@Florida)
9.Lost 4-3(San Diego)
10.Won 9-3(San Diego)
11.Won 7-6(San Diego)
12.Lost 6-1(San Diego)
13.Lost 6-5(Montreal)
14.Won 6-3(Montreal)
15.Won 3-2(Montreal)
16.Won 3-0(@Philadelphia)
17.Won 1-0(@Philadelphia)
18.Lost 5-1(@Philadelphia)
22.Won 9-6(@Houston)
23.Lost 5-0(@Houston)
24.Won 12-4(@Houston)
34.Lost 2-1(@Florida)
35.Won 8-2(@Florida)
36.Won 1-0(@Florida)
37.Won 7-5(@Toronto)
38.Lost 5-3(@Toronto)
39.Won 3-1(Toronto)
40.Won 1-0(Toronto)
41.Won 3-2(Montreal)
42.Won 2-0(Montreal)
Brooklyn Dodgers(1953)
8.Lost 3-0(@Chicago Cubs)
9.Lost 4-3(@Chicago Cubs)
10.Won 12-3(@Chicago Cubs)
11.Lost 10-8(AZ)
12.Lost 5-4(AZ)
13.Won 9-3(AZ)
14.Lost 8-1(AZ)
17.Lost 6-4(@Arizona)
18.Lost 9-8(@Arizona)
19.Won 5-2(@Arizona)
20.Won 6-4(@San Francisco)
21.Won 8-2(@San Francisco)
22.Won 8-6(@San Francisco)
23.Won 4-1(@San Francisco)
27.Lost 9-3(San Francisco)
28.Won 4-1(San Francisco)
29.Lost 5-1(San Francisco)
33.Won 5-4(Pittsburgh)
34.Lost 7-6(Pittsburgh)
35.Lost 4-2(Pittsburgh)
40.Won 5-4(@San Francisco)
41.Lost 6-1(@San Francisco)
42.Won 6-0(@San Francisco)
50.Won 7-4(Chicago Cubs)
Chicago Cubs(1906)
7.Won 3-0(LA Dodgers)
8.Won 4-3(LA Dodgers)
9.Lost 12-3(LA Dodgers)
10.Won 4-3(Pittsburgh)
11.Won 11-4(Pittsburgh)
12.Won 6-0(Pittsburgh)
19.Won 1-0(@Pittsburgh)
20.Won 4-3(@Pittsburgh)
21.Won 5-4(@Pittsburgh)
25.Won 6-4(Philadelphia)
26.Won 2-1(Philadelphia)
27.Lost 4-3(Philadelphia)
28.Won 3-2(Philadelphia)
44.Lost 7-4(San Francisco)
45.Lost 2-0(San Francisco)
46.Won 3-2(San Francisco)
47.Won 3-2(San Francisco)
48.Lost 7-4(@LA Dodgers)
67.Lost 1-0(@Pittsburgh)
68.Lost 4-2(@Pittsburgh)
69.Lost 2-0(@Pittsburgh)
127.Lost 4-3(@Philadelphia)
128.Won 4-2(@Philadelphia)
129.Lost 4-3(@Philadelphia)
Cincinnati Reds(1976)
1.Lost 10-4(Philadelphia)
2.Won 6-4(Philadelphia)
3.Won 6-4(Philadelphia)
4.Won 7-1(@St. Louis)
5.Lost 9-8(@St. Louis)
6.Lost 9-7(@St. Louis)
10.Won 10-7(Houston)
11.Won 6-3(Houston)
12.Won 8-7(Houston)
13.Won 12-3(Houston)
14.Lost 7-2(Baltimore)
15.Lost 4-2(Baltimore)
16.Lost 8-3(Baltimore)
20.Lost 2-1(@Houston)
21.Won 8-5(@Houston)
22.Won 7-2(@Houston)
23.Won 9-1(@St. Louis)
24.Lost 5-2(@St. Louis)
25.Lost 4-0(@St. Louis)
33.Won 7-4(NY Yankees)
34.Lost 5-3(NY Yankees)
42.Won 6-3(Colorado)
43.Lost 5-4(Colorado)
44.Won 3-2(Colorado)
Colorado Rockies(2007)
1.Won 12-5(@Houston)
2.Lost 6-0(@Houston)
3.Lost 3-2(@Houston)
4.Lost 9-3(@Houston)
8.Lost 7-1(San Diego)
9.Lost 6-0(San Diego)
10.Lost 5-4(San Diego)
20.Lost 3-2(Montreal)
21.Won 6-5(Montreal)
22.Lost 4-3(Montreal)
23.Lost 4-3(Montreal)
27.Lost 4-3(@San Diego)
28.Won 8-2(@San Diego)
29.Won 4-0(@San Diego)
43.Lost 6-3(@Cincinnnati)
44.Won 5-4(@Cincinnnati)
45.Lost 3-2(@Cincinnnati)
53.Lost 5-4(Seattle)
54.Won 7-5(Seattle)
55.Lost 11-9(@Seattle)
56.Lost 7-6(@Seattle)
57.Won 3-2(@San Diego)
58.Lost 4-3(@San Diego)
59.Won 6-4(@San Diego)

Florida Marlins(2003)
1.Lost 5-0(@Montreal)
2.Lost 2-0(@Montreal)
3.Won 3-1(@Montreal)
7.Lost 4-1(Atlanta)
8.Won 6-1(Atlanta)
13.Lost 10-5(@seattle)
14.Lost 9-8(@seattle)
15.Lost 3-1(@seattle)
16.Won 6-4(@San Diego)
17.Won 8-6(@San Diego)
18.Won 3-2(@San Diego)
19.Lost 5-2(@Philadelphia)
20.Won 6-4(@Philadelphia)
21.Won 1-0(@Philadelphia)
25.Lost 4-3(Tampa Bay)
26.Won 3-2(Tampa Bay)
27.Lost 7-6(@Tampa Bay)
28.Lost 4-3(@Tampa Bay)
32.Lost 5-4(St. Louis)
33.Won 1-0(St. Louis)
34.Won 7-6(St. Louis)
35.Won 2-1(Atlanta)
36.Lost 8-2(Atlanta)
37.Lost 1-0(Atlanta)
Houston Astros(1998)
1.Lost 12-5(Colorado)
2.Won 6-0(Colorado)
3.Won 3-2(Colorado)
4.Won 9-3(Colorado)
8.Won 5-4(@Toronto)
9.Lost 8-3(@Toronto)
10.Lost 10-7(@Cincinnati)
11.Lost 6-3(@Cincinnati)
12.Lost 8-7(@Cincinnati)
13.Lost 12-3(@Cincinnati)
17.Won 5-4(St Louis)
18.Lost 7-5(St Louis)
19.Lost 5-4(St Louis)
20.Lost 6-1(St Louis)
21.Won 2-1(Cincinnati)
22.Lost 8-5(Cincinnati)
23.Lost 7-2(Cincinnati)
24.Lost 9-6(Atlanta)
25.Won 5-0(Atlanta)
26.Lost 12-4(Atlanta)
27.Lost 4-3(@St Louis)
28.Won 6-5(@St Louis)
29.Lost 4-3(@St Louis)
30.Lost 7-5(@St Louis)

Montreal Expos(1994)
1.Won 5-0(Florida)
2.Won 2-0(Florida)
3.Lost 3-1(Florida)
4.Lost 5-4(@Philadelphia)
5.Won 5-4(@Philadelphia)
6.Lost 7-1(@Philadelphia)
10.Won 5-4(Philadelphia)
11.Won 5-1(Philadelphia)
12.Lost 3-1(Philadelphia)
13.Won 6-5(@Atlanta)
14.Lost 6-3(@Atlanta)
15.Lost 3-2(@Atlanta)
19.Won 3-2(@Colorado)
20.Lost 6-5(@Colorado)
21.Won 4-3(@Colorado)
22.Won 4-3(@Colorado)
29.Lost 4-2(@Philadelphia)
30.Won 3-2(@Philadelphia)
32.Lost 6-2(@Baltimore)
33.Won 8-4(@Baltimore)
34.Won 3-2(Baltimore)
35.Won 3-2(Baltimore)
42.Lost 3-2(@Atlanta)
43.Lost 2-0(@Atlanta)

NY Giants(1905)
1.Lost 1-0(@AZ)
2.Lost 2-1(@AZ)
3.Won 9-3(@AZ)
4.Lost 3-1(@AZ)
8.Won 1-0(AZ)
9.Lost 6-3(AZ)
10.Won 6-2(AZ)
20.Lost 6-4(LA Dodgers)
21.Lost 8-2(LA Dodgers)
22.Lost 8-6(LA Dodgers)
23.Lost 4-1(LA Dodgers)
27.Won 9-3(@LA Dodgers)
28.Lost 4-1(@LA Dodgers)
29.Won 5-1(@LA Dodgers)
40.Lost 5-4(LA Dodgers)
41.Won 6-1(LA Dodgers)
42.Lost 6-0(LA Dodgers)
46.Won 7-4(@Chicago Cubs)
47.Won 2-0(@Chicago Cubs)
48.Lost 3-2(@Chicago Cubs)
49.Lost 3-2(@Chicago Cubs)
82.Won 3-2(@Pittsburgh)
83.Won 7-3(@Pittsburgh)
84.Lost 13-1(@Pittsburgh)
Philadelphia Phillies(2011)
1.Won 10-4(@Cincinnati)
2.Lost 6-4(@Cincinnati)
3.Lost 6-4(@Cincinnati)
4.Won 5-4(Montreal)
5.Lost 5-4(Montreal)
6.Won 7-1(Montreal)
10.Lost 5-4(@Montreal)
11.Lost 5-1(@Montreal)
12.Won 3-1(@Montreal)
16.Lost 3-0(Atlanta)
17.Lost 1-0(Atlanta)
18.Won 5-1(Atlanta)
19.Won 5-2(Florida)
20.Lost 6-4(Florida)
21.Lost 1-0(Florida)
25.Lost 6-4(@Chicago Cubs)
26.Lost 2-1(@Chicago Cubs)
27.Won 4-3(@Chicago Cubs)
28.Lost 3-2(@Chicago Cubs)
29.Win 4-2(Montreal)
30.Lost 3-2(Montreal)
127.Won 4-3(Chicago Cubs)
128.Lost 4-2(Chicago Cubs)
129.Won 4-3(Chicago Cubs)
Pittsburgh Pirates(1909)
10.Lost 4-3(@Chicago Cubs)
11.Lost 11-4(@Chicago Cubs)
12.Lost 6-0(@Chicago Cubs)
19.Lost 1-0(Chicago Cubs)
20.Lost 4-3(Chicago Cubs)
21.Lost 5-4(Chicago Cubs)
32.Lost 5-4(@LA Dodgers)
33.Won 7-6(@LA Dodgers)
34.Won 4-2(@LA Dodgers)
35.Won 5-3(@Arizona)
36.Won 2-0(@Arizona)
37.Won 5-3(@Arizona)
38.Won 5-2(@Arizona)
52.Lost 8-3(Arizona)
53.Won 8-2(Arizona)
54.Won 3-2(Arizona)
58.Lost 5-2(@Baltimore)
59.Won 2-1(@Baltimore)
67.Won 1-0(Chicago Cubs)
68.Won 4-2(Chicago Cubs)
69.Won 2-0(Chicago Cubs)
80.Lost 3-2(San Francisco)
81.Lost 7-3(San Francisco)
82.Won 13-1(San Francisco)
San Diego Padres(1998)
8.Won 7-1(@Colorado)
9.Won 6-0(@Colorado)
10.Won 5-4(@Colorado)
11.Won 4-3(@Atlanta)
12.Lost 9-3(@Atlanta)
13.Lost 7-6(@Atlanta)
14.Won 6-1(@Atlanta)
18.Lost 6-4(Florida)
19.Lost 8-6(Florida)
20.Lost 3-2(Florida)
28.Won 4-3(Colorado)
29.Lost 8-2(Colorado)
30.Lost 4-0(Colorado)
34.Lost 5-2(Texas)
35.Won 5-1(Texas)
36.Won 9-3(@Texas)
37.Won 5-3(@Texas)
38.Lost 8-0(@Chicago White Sox)
39.Won 5-3(@Chicago White Sox)
40.Lost 4-3(@Chicago White Sox)
57.Lost 3-2(Colorado)
58.Won 4-3(Colorado)
59.Lost 6-4(Colorado)
63.Won 3-1(Kansas City)
St. Louis Cardinals(2004)
5.Lost 7-1(Cincinnati)
6.Won 9-8(Cincinnati)
7.Won 9-7(Cincinnati)
11.Won 5-4(@NY Yankees)
12.Lost 7-1(@NY Yankees)
13.Lost 2-1(@NY Yankees)
17.Lost 5-4(@Houston)
18.Won 7-5(@Houston)
19.Won 5-4(@Houston)
20.Won 6-1(@Houston)
21.Won 10-7(Toronto)
22.Won 3-1(Toronto)
23.Lost 5-0(Toronto)
24.Lost 4-3(Toronto)
25.Lost 9-1(Cincinnati)
26.Won 5-2(Cincinnati)
27.Won 4-0(Cincinnati)
28.Won 4-3(Houston)
29.Lost 6-5(Houston)
30.Won 4-3(Houston)
31.Won 7-5(Houston)
35.Won 5-4(@Florida)
36.Lost 1-0(@Florida)
37.Lost 7-6(@Florida)


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Date: 10 days ago

I had a couple C+D pitchers duels. I find I love these games the most, they're short and sweet. I love to see a good pitcher knocking down the batters one by one. Even better is when it's pitchers who're going toe to toe with another ace.

This was probably the best of the games:
Florida Marlins('03) vs Montreal Expos('94)
                                 R H E
Florida    000 000 000 0 1 0
Montreal 010 001 00X 2 7 0

Win(Pedro Martinez), Loss(Brad Penny)

             IP H BB SO ER
Penny     8  7  2  6    2
Martinez  9  1 0   5    0

P. Martinez loses a perfect game 2 outs into the 7th on a single by Ivan Rodriguez. Cordero drives in the winning run after Fletcher knocks a triple deep into right field(or at least thats how i imagined it)
Dodgers('53) vs Cubs('06)
Pirates('09) vs Cubs('06

Pfeister pitches a pair of gems in 2 straight appearances for 18 shutout innings in a row, combined for 5 hits and 2 walks

Dodgers vs Cubs
                                R H E
Dodgers 000 000 000 0 4 1
Cubs      100 000 000 3 5 0

            IP H BB SO ER
Loes     8   5  4   4   3
Pfeister 9   4  0   9   0

Kling drives in the winning run in the 1st after a Schulte Triple, his 1st of 2 triples in this game.

Pirates vs Cubs
                              R H E
Pirates 000 000 000 0 1 2
Cubs    012 003 00X 6 9 1

                     IP H BB SO ER
Leifield/Leever 8 9  2   1   6
Pfeister           9 1  2   5   0

A Kling triple followed up with a Schulte triple in the 2nd are all the Cubs need to put the pirates away.
Braves('98) vs Phillies('11)

                              R H E
Atlanta 000 000 001 1 5 1
Philly   000 000 000  0 4 0

             IP H BB SO ER
Glavine   9  4  3   5   0
Lee         9  5  2  11  1

A duel right up until the top of the 9th when Galarraga connected for a Home Run. Philadelphia had no answer as Glavine retires the side in the bottom.
D'backs('01) vs NY Giants('06)

These are the first 2 games to open the season. Randy Johnson/Curt Schilling vs Christy Mathewson/McGinnity. Both teams pitchers provide a nice 1-2 punch in their respective rotations. This time the 21st century aces prevailed.

Game #1                  R H E
Giants   000 000 000 0 3 0
D'backs 010 000 00X 1 4 0

                 IP H BB SO ER
Mathewson 8  4  1   4   1
Johnson     9   3  2  12  0

Comments: A game winning HR in the 2nd by Miller is all the D'backs need to seal this victory.

Game #2                  R H E
Giants   000 001 000 1 6 0
D'backs 000 000 02X 2 6 0

                IP H BB SO ER
McGinnity  8  6  2   2   2
Schilling    9  6  0   5   1

Comments: It was looking like a sealed deal when McGinnity drove in Mertes on an RBI single. A 2 run HR by Luis Gonzalez in the bottom of the 8th stole the game. The Giants couldn't get a rally going to get a win.
Atlanta('98) vs Houston('98)

                                R H E
Atlanta   000 000 000 0 1 1
Houston 010 013 00X 5 13 0

Using the second half Houston Astros Randy Johnson card(a killer card btw), complete game 1 hit(2 walks), 12 strikeout shutout of the Braves.

-- Edited by Onemarleyfan on Wednesday 14th of June 2017 01:37:11 AM

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